Persuasive Format

Persuasive Format
Writing a persuasive essay might appear to be a hassle because it requires you to have the skills to articulate your thoughts in a way that manages to convey your point to the reader. When writing any assignment or research paper, you need to know the proper paper format.
The persuasive essay format usually has five paragraphs.

The first paragraph is obviously dedicated to the context of the paper and the introduction to the topic. It should end with a strong thesis statement that should express your position on the topic.

The tree paragraphs that follow, should contain your main arguments. In a persuasive essay you are not expected to bring in all pros and cons, but rather to prove your own point. However, your persuasive essay will only benefit if you will consider one contr-argument and make an attempt to refute it.

The final paragraph should have your conclusions. Basically it should restate your thesis statement. It may contain a call to action if you wanted too persuade your readers to take an active position, or if the aim of your essay was to change your reader’s views – you may express the hope that you managed to do this

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