Persuasive Essay Prompt

Persuasive Essay Prompt
An essay prompt is an assignment that provides you with a statement on which you need to reflect. In case of a persuasive writing prompt, you will be asked to persuade the reader to take your side, argue for or against the statement provided.

The following are just few examples of persuasive essay prompts:

a) Young internet users think that internet pornography is not bad and has no effect on their moral behaviour. What is your say? Convince the reader that what you are saying is correct.
b) The rate of cigarette smoking is increasing everyday in the world despite the obvious effects of smoking on health. Write a persuasive essay that should discourage you target audience to start smoking.
c) Most parents think that hip hop songs have wrong messages and are not good for their kids. Write an essay that proves they are wrong.
d) Have you come across a high spec cell phone that suits your lifestyle? Using specific benefits, write an essay to persuade others to buy it.
e) Sewage burst has occurred in your home area. Your area commissioner requests for community repairing and cleansing initiative. What is your say on this? Write a letter to the commissioner stating your opinion on this issue.
f) Both the parents and the students are opposing the idea of homework. But the teachers insist that homework is very essential for the students’ performance. Using relevant examples, write an essay in support of one side of this argument.
g) As an attempt to facilitate learning in most schools, more computers have been bought and handed over to each student. Unfortunately students’ performance is not improving due to theft and vandalisms of the machines. What is your say on this? Write a letter to the principal suggesting the prominent solution to the problem.

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