The Structures for Compare and Contrast Essay

The Structures for Compare and Contrast Essay
Writing an essay is a simple task if you know the process and the work it entails. Research is one of the initial tasks that at hand and identifying credible and useful references remains essential. Many students assigned with writing a compare and contrast essay look for samples as a reference guide. Ideally, choosing an essay with the same essay topic would be best
Two basic structures can be used for compare and contrast essay papers. The first one is constructed as follows:

An opening paragraph introduces the essay topics to compare and it also contains the author’s thesis.
Two separate sections examine the qualities of the two objects that will be differentiated.
A section follows where the compared objects are brought face, to face and their similarities and differences are elaborated.
The final section is where the logical conclusions of the previous comparison are made to reinforce the writer’s opinion.
The second format is different from the first in that the second section is devoted to similarities between the objects and the third section is devoted to the differences.

An opening paragraph introduces the topic or topics to compare and contrast, as well as the author’s thesis.
One section is devoted to point out the similarities between the objects.
Another section is made to point out the differences.
This is followed by the concluding section where the author’s thesis is reiterated based on the previous findings.
You can see that to be able to write conclusive compare and contrast essays, or any academic essays for that matter, correct sourcing is a must. Authoritative and pertinent research needs to be done. Authoritative in that, you will need to know and have access to the most authentic references for that area of expertise, and pertinent in that you will need to showcase data that is logically supportive of the message you want you

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