Writing an Essay About Life

Writing an Essay About Life
An essay about life is a perfect opportunity to share with your intended audience the struggles that you have faced which presents a more in depth picture of who you are as a person. For instance, essays to get into a college or professional schools would need you to primarily focus on why exactly you should be chosen to attend the school over other individuals.
Usually, your reader is looking forward to a glimpse into who you are. You need to hook them with the introduction to an essay. No prestigious academy wants to accept a person that has no real ambition or desire to succeed. They also do not want a sloppy person that is just trying to “get by” in life. This is why many schools choose to request an essay before acceptance. They will be checking a few different things, among them are:
who you are and where you come from
what your goals are in life
whether or not you are self disciplined
whether or not you take pride in your work
if you take your assignments seriously
if you pay attention to detail
if you possess common and essential grammar skills
if you have a firm grasp ion the English language
It is vitally important that you keep all of these things in mind while outlining and writing your essay.
Before you begin your essay it is important to make sure that you have a solid outline ready. Pick a quiet place to think and try to recall all of the most important milestones in your life. This will help you remember the details behind some of the most important cross roads you have traveled and how you have arrived at your destination. Write them out and sort through the most intriguing ones that you would like to share. Be creative when putting them in order and remember to interject feelings and emotions.
Generally, when being assigned to write an essay about life, you will need to summarize your ups and downs. Share life lessons and explain them to some extent. Of course, how deeply you go into these lessons depends greatly on the required essay length. For a 250 word essay you might need to choose the best lessons and make them short but to the point. For essays that are allowed to be a few pages long you can really get into the points and morals learned.
Regardless of the essay length, a writer should never merely conclude that the “lesson was learned” in any instance. The reader wants to know the details. When you get ready to write about the learned life lessons, you should answer these questions in your essay about life:
what specifically was learned
why it was learned
how it was learned
Remember that schools get these essays in all the time, dozens of them. Those that get chosen have made their essay about life stand out. The more personal you make it the better off you’ll be. The reader does not want to waste their time with some vague or generic essay, they want to know you!

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