How to write the topic in APA style?

How to write the topic in APA style?
APA – it is usual college standard which can be deciphered as American Psychological Association. For a person without experience it can be quite difficult task to write in such a way. We try to make guidance for correct writing.
During the writing you will need any word processor, your essay, which have to be formatted and about 15 minutes of time.
1. To establish borders
To begin with, check the borders. The default for Microsoft Office 2003 is 1,25 inches from the both border sides. But according to APA style, borders have to be 1 inch. If you have Office 2007 installed, the default will automatically be 1 inch. For word 2003 in FILE menu click PAGE SET UP. Then print 1 for all dimensions: right, bottom, top, left. Choose DEFAULT button and confirm YES.
2. Creating the double spacing in Office 1997-2003.
Choose button FORMAT in menu, near LINE SPACING click on double. This manipulation has to be done before starting typing. If you have the text typed already – highlight it and do the same procedure. Don’t do spaces at all between paragraphs. Just indent the first sentence.
3. Making a header for essay with the help of Office 1997-2003
It the menus find VIEW, click HEADER and FOOTER. In the header box you will see outline in a dotted line. The title can contain up to 50 characters, type it in the title line and select auto page icon. After closing the title will appear on each page with the proper page number.
4. Several APA statements.
All papers must contain.
1.On the title page:
- Title
- Name of the writer
- Name of the school or college
- Your course name and prefix
- The name of faculty member
- Proper date
Use double spacing and center information from the each side
2.Each page has to begin with title and number of the page.
3.Each line of the paper has to be double spaced.
4.Don’t use additional spaces between different paragraphs
5.You may use one of two fonts Ariel 12 point or Times New Roman, 12 point
6.Top, bottom and both sides have to have one inch margin
5. General rules for using references.
The words of other persons using in work, are have to be issued as citations. For example: (Stevenson, 1999). Every citation must have a reference on a special page and on the contrary, each reference listed on the special page should be referred to the proper citation.
6. Special rules for using references.
1. Classify references due to alphabet according to the author’s last name or the title of the article if there are no authors at all.
2. Use only the last name of the author, first name or the middle have to be showed only with initials.
3. Nd is used for no date and na is used when there is no author.
4. In the list of references double space is used.
5. In limits of one reference, lines are indented 0,5 inches
1.Don’t forget about all APA details: references, citation, page numbers, margins, spacing.
2.Remember about spelling of the words and grammar rules checking the paper.
3.Never use second person, both singular and plural. And very careful use the first person singular.

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