Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
After approving the theme of statement, you can pass to composing statements. Thesis statement is the best way to present the theme of essay to the readers. It is easy to make such statements if you are good in your theme. Outline and diagram can help you during composing. The thesis statements are the main ideas which you will discover for readers.
You can divide all statements into two parts.
For example,
The first part – it is the main theme
- English Modern Art
- Healthy food
- Winter sports
In the second part of statement you can find the main idea of the topic
- comprise all events which took place in this century
- prepared only from natural products
- can temper your body and nature
Also, second part can consist only from ideas, which you want to discuss in your essay.
- comprise many treasures, modern traditions connected with real life, and unite people of the country.
- requires special products, recipes and way of life.
- help to be healthy, wealthy and bright.
When all statement will be formulated, you can continue your preparations.

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