Example of Comparison/Contrast Essay

Example of Comparison/Contrast Essay
For women shopping can be a pleasant and fun experience, especially when we see a sale on an item that we have been wanting to buy. I think it is a little different for men because some men find it boring and they hate to walk through a crowed mall. Females are very indecisive when it comes to shopping because we can't make up our minds about what we want to get. Males know what they want and pick only that item up. Ladies can take hours getting one item, while men can get five items in 20 minutes or less. Women spend a lot more money than men shopping because we want everything we see. Men and women are so different when shopping is concerned.
First of all, women are indecisive while shopping and men aren't. A women can go into a store with every intention on getting one item. But she sees all the cute things lying around the store saying "buy me." For that reason, she feels compelled to buy other items within the store. That is why a woman can be very indecisive. When a man says that he is going to get one thing from the store it's a guarantee that he will come home with that one item because things don't scream out at him, "buy me".
Secondly, a female can take a lot longer time to shop than a male does. For some reason a lady has to look at everything she finds appealing to the eye. I know when I go shopping for a pair of jeans I end up with a shirt and a cute pair of shoes to match. What should have only taken 20 minutes to begin with became 2 hours. A man just doesn't seem to notice things as a woman does. Or maybe it is because a man just doesn't care. In any case, when a male says he will be back in 20 minutes from shopping, he will be back in 20 minutes or less.
Thirdly, a female normally spends more money than a male does. Most females want everything to be name brand regardless of the cost of the item. A male doesn't care too much if it has Dollar General Logo on it or not. All he cares about is whether or not it does the job. On the other hand, one thing I have noticed about a man is his tools. He will spend a lot of money on name brand tools.
In essence, women and men are different in a lot of ways. One difference is for sure and that is shopping. Most women like to take their time and look for great buys and cute things. But most men could care less about that stuff. They just get what they want and the heck with everything else. They do not feel the need to try on their clothes as women do. Most men also seem to be a little more thriftier with their money than women.

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