Example Computer Science Essay:Journal

Example Computer Science Essay:Journal
The first week gave me a glimpse into the history of computing. All these years, I have never bothered to learn the history of computing, though I have used the computer numerous times. This topic gave me a new sense of revelation and I felt like I was taking a peek into the very evolution of technology and computing.
As soon as I heard the lecture, I decided to do a little research on Turing and Nuemann and found some interesting incidents that played a vital role in computing, as we known it today.
From the above sources, I learned a lot about the life and work of Alan Turing and Von Neumann. They designed and developed machines that were the forerunners of the computers that we use today. Neumann was born in Budapest while Turing was born in London and they came to the United States to further their ideas and to put them into practice. Their approach and their unique ideas were truly remarkable.
Turing introduced a machine called Turing Machine that moved from one form to another, based on a set of predefined rules. These rules were read from a tape and it represented a crude form of artificial intelligence. Von Neumann, on the other hand, was interested in using the computer to find answers to applied mathematical problems, rather than using it for just calculation purposes. Turing and Neumann met in Princeton University, where Neumann invited Turing to work with him.
Neumann developed a new architecture known as “Von Neumann architecture.” This architecture was the first step towards parallel processing. He understood the potential of parallel computing, but could not implement it during his time due to the numerous design and construction problems associated with it. Neumann played an instrumental role in the formation of the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) and its sister-institutions around the world. He became a consultant for IBM during the 1950s and he proposed many new projects. He worked tirelessly until his death in 1957, to bring harness the power of computers to provide computational solutions for a wide range of problems. He played an important part in finding nuclear solutions for the development of hydrogen bombs.

Week 2:

The lectures this week were very interesting. I came to understand a lot about how calculations were made during the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The machines that were developed by the geniuses of that time are awe-inspiring. The first known device for math computing was developed by Pascal to make his job easier. He worked as a tax administrator for the French Government and he created a simple machine that can add and subtract numbers. This machine had eight gears that worked like a car’s odometer. Unfortunately, this system was not very popular because it was slow and broke down easily. Also, people were not very comfortable to use machines. But, this machine laid the foundation for the development of other machines. From this point on, many people added their ideas to make it more and more useful for people and business.
Leibinz calculating machine is a classic example of how the calculator developed by Pascal was used as the basis for adding more and more features. This machine could do multiplication as well. It performed multiplication through multiple additions. This machine was known as the Step Reckoner and it represented the decimal numbers in 10-position dials. Leibinz was the first person to conceive the use of binary numbers for easier operations because it consisted of only two states – on and off. Later, this binary system was used to build computers because the electrical circuits had only two states and it was easy to represent.
He introduced this calculator in the market in 1673 and it took a while for people to use it. It was not a huge success due to many reasons. The main reason was the slow acceptance from people to use machines to do their mathematical calculations. Also, the person using the machine required a lot of training and this became very cumbersome and time-consuming. But, this was an important step in the evolution of computers.

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