Design Essay:Design for Manufacture

Design Essay:Design for Manufacture
A good design always appeals the eye and draws admiration. People acquire things that they could relate to which necessitates the importance of design. Wrist watches, cars and shoes are some of the things that are commonly chosen to compliment the style of the user through its design rather than out of necessity. In recent years, technology has also understood the value of design and its effects on our lives and has successfully incorporated it in itself.
My favorite object for its design is my Laptop Computer. Laptop computers are just some of the technologies that have become part of our daily lives over the past few years. The laptop computer that I have come to admire for its design is the MacBook Air. As the name suggests, the MacBook Air is designed to be an ultraportable laptop in the family of Apple's MacBook.

At the time of its release, MacBook Air was described to be the thinnest laptop in the world. The Mitsubishi Pedion, which was released in 1998, was earlier described to be the thinnest laptop which had an overall thickness of 0.72 inches (1.84 cm).Currently Dell Adamo, released in March 2009, which is 0.65 inches (1.65 cm) thick, is the thinnest rectangular laptop. The claim of Apple for MacBook Air remains controversial because though the machine tapers from the thickness of 0.16 to 0.76 inches (0.4 to 1.94 cm); both these laptops (Mitsubishi Pedion and Dell Adamo) are slightly thinner than the MacBook Air's thickest end.

The Outer Body

The sleek and sizzling design of the MacBook Air is enhanced by the beauty of unibody. MacBook Air is made from a single solid sheet of aluminum. This revolutionary unibody design replaces several body parts with just a single one and results in a smooth, seamless appearance. The anodized aluminum surface confirms MacBook Air as a result of beautiful engineering.

The Display

Another important feature that adds to the beauty of this notebook is its display. On opening the MacBook Air, one is greeted with an instant full bright screen. Its sleek and slim design does not compromise on the size of its display. It has a 13.3 inch, glossy widescreen LED-backlight display that offers similar viewable screen size to that of any other 13 inch regular notebooks. Vibrant images and true colors are visible through the 1280-by-600 resolution. Such a display enhances the user's experience making it perfect for enjoying digital media while the LED technology makes the display power efficient reducing the battery consumption.

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