Essay Types

Essay Types
You've received your assignment, and now you're ready to decide on a topic. You may not have a choice about the type of essay you’ll write, since this may have been determined by the assignment. If you do have a choice, however, you can find a type that will best fit your personality.
Do you like to argue? If so, it can come in handy for this assignment! You might want to choose to write a persuasive argument.

Perhaps you are gifted with great descriptive capabilities, instead. Do you enjoy using colorful language to describe or explain things? You could write a narrative of something interesting that took place, or perhaps you could try writing a descriptive essay of an object.

Whatever you decide to do, you'll find your assignment much more enjoyable (and readable) if you suit your topic to your own personality type.

Common essay types include the following:

Persuasive/argumentative essay. Makes a claim or takes a position and backs it up with statistics, expert opinions, and other evidence. You may review an opposing review and explain why it is wrong and you are right.
Comparison essay. Demonstrates similarities and differences between two topics.

Descriptive essay. Explains the “what, why, how, when, and where’s” of a topic. For example, a descriptive essay about a tree would explain what it’s made of, why it grows, when it grows, and so on.

Evaluation essay. Describes a thing or event and explains its importance, value, and/or relevance. Did you like this thing? Why?

Narrative essay. Tells a story in a sequence of events. There should be some point, lesson, or idea gleaned from this narrative to make the essay meaningful.

Successful writers know that they produce the best material when they put a little bit of heart and soul into their writing. You can improve your grades and your writing if you personalize just a bit!

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