Writing Definition essay

Writing Definition essay
In a definition essay you will define some word; it may be either a specific term or abstract notion. Your analysis should go beyond the dictionary meaning of the word. You should do your best to explain the reasons why this word is referred to as such in your essay.
You can give a direct definition of the term, limiting your essay to the mere clarification of the term. You can define the term with the help of the story and the reader will infer its meaning.

Another option is to start your essay with an opposing interpretation of the term. In a thesis of your essay writing you will state your personal definition of the term. The body paragraphs serve to express your understanding of the term backed up with illustrative examples.

Follow 4 rules for a good definition:

1. Don’t use the words "when" "where", giving a definition. A common practice is to define noun with noun, adjective with adjective and so on.

2. Remember, that definition is not a repetition.

3. Use simple and well- known term in your explanation.

4. Point out the distinguishing features of the term.

You should write a sound conclusion for your custom essay that unites the elements of the definition and explains the reader how this definition can be applied.

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