7 Tips when proofreading your essay

7 Tips when proofreading your essay
When you have finally got to the end of writing your essay you are going to want to proofread it so that you know everything is correct and the way that you want it throughout the paper. These short tips guide you along the way to proofread your paper effectively.
You’ve probably handed in your essay and then noticed some errors or mistakes in it no doubt? Maybe spelling, grammar and punctuation were all a little tricky when you were writing the paper and when you looked over it you simply didn’t spot the mistakes that you have done now? Well, proofreading your work before handing in an essay report, dissertation or thesis is a must, as the academic arena is realizing that quality work means quality students – so to students must realise that quality universities are made from quality students submitting great essays and papers.

1. Leave time before you proofread

You will want to leave at least 24 hours between when you finished writing your draft of an essay until you pick it up again and read it over with a clear mind. Otherwise your mind will be full of what you have just written and won’t read exactly what you have written, but will read what you have thought you have written.

2. Eliminate all distractions

Turn off all TV’s and other distractions, you don’t want CSI getting in the way of your paper – even if it is a crucial episode this week! Don’t have music on wither as this will only confuse you and cause you to become distracted form what you are actually reading.

3. Double space your paper

It’s easier to double space your paper before you either proof it on-screen or print it off to proofread the work in front of you. You don’t want to get jumbled up on what line you are reading, or correcting a mistake because you read one part of sentence A and the second part of sentence B – clear and doubt or confusion on what you are reading.

4. Read out loud

When you read your work, read the sentences out loud. This way you will notice if there are any points that really don’t make sense or parts that are really confusing. I know it sounds a little strange, but give it a go as I’m sure you will notice a difference when you do this.

5. Use a ruler or bookmark

So that you know where you are up to and so that you can eliminate confusion on which sentence you are using, having a ruler indicating where you should read next is important. It will help you increase your concentration and work through your document a lot quicker.

6. Check your sources properly

You will need to make sure that all of your sources are there for any work you have referenced or referred to. Not having all of the authors in your bibliography, or missing the date from one source can cause your marker to become annoyed in your lack of professional approach to your paper.

7. Get a professional to take a look

You don’t have the time and sometimes you just really don’t think anything needs changing when you proofread – after all you really won’t spot all of your mistakes as you have, as your brain causes confusion in what you have just written to what you are reading in front of you. Having a professional proofreader or editor take a look at your paper will ensure there are no mistakes when you are submitting your essay.
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