Persuasive essay

Persuasive essay
Persuasive essay is a widespread type of essays at colleges and universities. Students are to become familiar with persuasive essay topics in order to succeed in academic career. The essence of persuasive writing is to convince the reader in your point of view. In order to do that, a student should gather and then present evidence of facts on the chosen topic in a clear form. The success at college or university depends on a student’s ability present facts and statistics in this type of work so that the reader takes your position and changes his mind.
To cope with this assignment, a student should choose a good persuasive essay topic to write on. If the topic does not have a concrete answer to the question and there are opposite points of view concerning it, then your persuasive essay can be easily created and bring you the highest grade if it is written according to standards for academic assignments. Firstly, persuasive writing should be divided into several parts:
- Introduction. This part of persuasive writing introduces the topic and the aim of the paper. It usually includes brief discussion of the main points presented in the work and shows your position concerning the issue.
- Main body. May contain one point divided into at least three paragraphs (if the paper is less than seven pages) or several points with subparagraphs. This is the major part of the persuasive essay that shows your position towards the issue supported with gathered evidence, facts and statistical data. Be sure to include the discussion of both sides of the situation with particular stress on one side chosen by you. You are to prove that the position taken by you is the only right viewpoint.
- Conclusion. Summarizes what you have written in the main body. Besides, conclusion contains the analysis of the data presented in the body of the work and the evaluation of its accuracy.
Secondly, do not forget to write transition sentences, which make your persuasive writing readable and understandable by everyone. Be sure to check grammar, punctuation, word order and essay structure. It is important to include direct quotes from leading experts that refer to the topic and support your viewpoint. Let your relatives and friends read your persuasive writing and comment on it so that you can check the mistakes and edit the final work.
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