Essay Scholarship Contests

Essay Scholarship Contests
For students looking to gain further education, there are several opportunities available for funding their studies. If you have the ability to write well, then one of the opportunities open for you is an essay scholarship. There are several essay scholarship contests.
There are several opportunities available for paying for studies, including student-specific scholarships, where the award may be require the student to be an African-American, Hispanic, Single Mom, have a certain last name, such as Zolp, etc.; career-specific scholarships, such as awards provided to students looking to become nurses; etc. Essay scholarship contests, like student-specific scholarships, are available to only a specific type of students who are good writers. Therefore, the competition for this award should be lower compared to a scholarship that is available to all types of students. However, level of competition depends on the program. For instance, the Ayn Rand program (described later in the article) is open to all high school and college students worldwide. Here are some essay scholarship contests:

1) $2,000 College Prowler Essay Contest

2) $1,000 - $10,000 National Peace Essay Contest

3. Ayn Rand Institute Scholarships

Over five hundred of these are awarded to students who write an essay on Rand's works. There is a specific word count of 800 to 1,600. Students who are already in college may write on the philosophy of the writer's book, entitled, Atlas Shrugged. The winner gets ten thousand dollars for their efforts. Many lower prizes are also there for the taking.

Before you apply for a scholarship that is based on essay writing, you should make an assessment of your ability. If you have good writing skill, as proven by your performance in essay writing during your education, then you should definitely enter essay scholarship contests because they can prove rewarding for you: The time and effort in writing the piece will give you the chance of getting the reward.

You should also make sure that you read all the requirements and instructions. If the written piece should be on a specific topic then you need to research on that topic. Start you search well in advance so you can find, learn about, and apply for as many opportunities as possible.

Essay scholarship contests provide aspiring students the chance to win the money they need for supporting their studies. People looking to fund their studies with help a scholarship should consider this option along with the other options available to them.

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