College Essays - What to Avoid

College Essays - What to Avoid
Education is one of the very important processes of our life, where we learn many skills and information is absorbed by us, during the course of time. These days, education has become affordable and children are looking forward to grow academically by seeking admissions in various colleges around the world. Colleges around the world have their own simple methods of choosing the deserving candidate, such as essay, GMAT, TOEFL and personal interviews.
Of the many kinds of methods, writing an essay is preferred by the college since it gives a peek into the student's writing skills and academic profile. Here are some commonly found mistakes, which can be avoided easily.

1. Do not repeat information about scores and academic performance - many students are unaware of what to put in their college admission essay and therefore make the mistake of reiterating their resume and scores in the essay. This is not necessary since the review team has your resume with them to look at. You will only make your essay disinteresting by mentioning the same twice.

2. Personal growth - essays have to be a combination of information about you and how you have grown as a person. Mention some instances where you have learnt from the other person or the experiences which have changed you as a person. Most of the essays fail to incorporate this information and as such lose out on creating an impression.

3. Excessive praise - do not shower a college with praise just to gain admission. Though it is normal for colleges to like praises, too much of praise spoils the impression. A little praise about the college is alright, coupled with a little self-praise. Colleges would like to know how good you are as a person and academically, therefore give some lines on self-praise too (self-praise here is alright in a college admission essay, but not in other places).

4. Spelling mistakes, typos and punctuation marks - All of us tend to make mistakes while typing, but ignoring them would prove fatal to your admission process. Be careful while framing sentences, using punctuation marks and also read through the essay more than once before submitting to ensure that there are no mistakes.

5. Structure of the essay - structure of the essay is very important. It is here that you will need to organize your thoughts and put it in words which are equally convincing.

6. How is the college/university going to benefit from you - every college/university is definitely beneficial for the student and that they know of. What is important is that students do not mention how they can benefit the college/university that they study in. including this part in the essay can create a very good impression, giving you a direct pass into their gates.

Most of the mistakes which a student commits while writing a college admission essay is a result of improper information. Research well to know how to write and what mistakes to avoid in a college admission essay to help you gain access to the college/university that you wish to study in. All the best.

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