How to Write an Admission Essay

How to Write an Admission Essay
Writing an admission essay is a crucial part of the college admission process. Here are some tips on how to go about writing an essay that will reflect your own thoughts and personal style.
Writing an admission essay to enter college does not have to be a difficult task, but even the most avid writer can panic while writing the essay. Whilst you can prepare and even attend classes to improve your writing skills, many people still find putting words down on paper for their admission essay to be a great challenge. However, any panic tends to be down to preconceived ideas of what the 'correct answer' to an essay question looks like and this can act as a barrier to the creativity and originality of the writer.

Following a few principles and ideas to tap into your own creativity when you write an admission essay will help to make the whole task much easier. A great way to begin writing the essay is to dig deep into your consciousness and draw inspiration from your previous experiences to find a topic. Once you find a topic that you find inspiring and relevant to the question, you should let your pen do to the talking.

Start your admission essay from scratch and silence every other thought that is going through your head, so that you can take a fresh look at everything before you and get inspired. Read the question over and over and put down on paper all the thoughts that run through your mind and then organize them by adding a personal touch to make the ideas and emotions come alive.

Putting down your thoughts will help give more shape to the ideas while sticking to your own unique style of writing. As you start putting down your thoughts, allow your mind to pick an idea and run with it. Write for as long as you stay inspired by the idea, allowing the flow of thoughts to convert into words to create your unique admission essay.

Next, you need to read and revise your essay, improving this each time, without straying from the fundamentals. This is the time to add more to the idea and keep filling in new thoughts and ideas. You should only aim to take a break once you have run out of steam in your flow of thoughts.

You should revisit the draft later with a fresh perspective and continue to add to it and give it more shape. Rotating the process of writing, taking a break and revisiting will make writing your admission essay a task that is simple and effective.

Once you reach this stage its time to also get some input from your friends and family, as some of them will have written and submitted admission essays in the past and will be able to give you constructive and honest feedback. This will help you to correct any technical errors, but do not compromise on the creative aspect of your admission essay, as this is key to demonstrating your individuality to a selection panel.

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