Salient Tips for Writing a Criminology Essay

Salient Tips for Writing a Criminology Essay
Like any other essay criminology essay primarily deals with tackling any issue pertaining to crime. Your academic work would be incomplete without the construction of an engaging criminology essay. Before you start writing your essay, make yourself aware of the finer nuances of writing a compelling and engaging essay. Any lack of knowledge on the subject would easily reflect in your essay and it would lose its impact. If you are really worried about how exactly to go about writing an excellent criminology essay, follow the tips given below.
The first and foremost part would be to provide a skeleton to your essay. A typical criminology essay should start with a gripping introduction followed by a sound central theme and end with a clear-cut analysis. Structure your essay around this skeleton to be able to deliver your message across effectively. Understand the knowledge domains of the topic chosen by you. Once you are clear about the topic you are aiming at, construct the areas around the central theme you wish to cover. Arm yourself with concrete data to validate your point of view.

Build a solid framework that would decide the body of your criminology essay. Pick each aspect and make a SWOT analysis i.e. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A thorough SWOT analysis would convey your perspective about the central theme. You would be able to convince the reader about your point of view as you have corroborated every aspect with precise data. Build a concrete foundation for your analysis as it would be the deciding factor on how compelling your essay would be.

Selection of a gripping topic

The topic that you choose for your criminology essay would be of utmost importance. Pick a topic that is controversial and generates debate. Preferably pick some recent issue pertaining crime that has been in news. Select a topic that invokes a response from people. Below are listed some topics that you may pick from:

~ Are technological advancements contributing to rise in crime?
~ Are our laws criminal friendly?
~ Are television and movies propagating violence?
~ How to curb cyber crime?
~ Terrorism for one country and tolerance for another; is it fair?

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