Help Your Child or Student Write Good Essays

Help Your Child or Student Write Good Essays
In order to help your child write a good essay you need to set a good example and teach the student how to prioritize. You should always know what your child's assignments are and what their deadlines are. As a parent or guardian you cannot hover over your kids, however you can remind them that they have deadlines and also provide consequences to their actions.
If the child has deadlines such as note cards, outline, rough draft, and final draft, the parent should know what the deadlines are as well as any activities the child may want to do that coincides with those deadlines. For example, if they want to go to a football game on a Friday night but are not playing in the game or performing at the game in some form, and they have an essay due on Monday, you can let them know that they are not allowed to go to the football game to hang out with their friends until the essay is either done or at least all of the research for the essay is completed if it's a long essay.

Even though this sounds like tough love, it shows your child you care about not just their grades but about what is going on in their life. It also opens up communication with you and your child about any issues or problems that the child may have with a project. Last it also teaches your child time management skills at an early age that they can take into adulthood with them and help them develop skills that most adults struggle with. Keeping on top of your child's school work also gives you a perfect opportunity to communicate with your child's teacher and make sure they are making adequate progress in class prior to progress reports or report cards coming out.

In order of time management, helping your child write good essays and teaching them how to do research for those essays, also provides you the parent or guardian the opportunity to make sure that when the child is on the computer they are doing research or writing their essay as opposed to playing games on Facebook or chatting on Twitter or any other social networking site. Lastly, as the child progresses on an essay project, it provides you the opportunity to teach your children what are credible sources and what are non-credible sources. By teaching this to your child, you can also explain plagiarism and to read all the information and summarize the information in their own words and not just taking an article and change a word here or there and claim it as their own. This skill also teaches the child independent thinking and rationalization skills which will also take them into adulthood.

So as you can tell, helping your child write a terrific essay writing will also teach them life skills and put them way ahead of the curve of other children their age and prepare them for life after high school and college is over and prepare them for the real world. Life skills will eventually help them be better prepared for job interviews and those first jobs out of college with confidence ahead of their peers applying for the same positions.

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