Selecting An Essay Topic Can Be As Simple As Reflecting Upon Yourself

Selecting An Essay Topic Can Be As Simple As Reflecting Upon Yourself
A dreaded essay has been assigned in your English class. It is not a difficult enough prospect to just write an essay, but you actually have to choose the topic before you even begin the writing task. The truth is picking the right essay topic to write about sets you on the right path as you get to select a topic that will showcase your talents as a writer.
Selecting an essay topic may seem more daunting or intimidating than the writing assignment itself. This perspective is not only wrong, but it will sabotage your ability to write. Choosing a topic means you have been given the option to write about something that resonates with you. This means you have been given the opportunity to write something that interests you, which often makes it easier to write a well-constructed piece for submission.

The first important step to choosing an essay topic is to define the purpose of the essay. Other than completing an assignment for a grade, consider why you are writing the essay. Is it to explain an event or the relevance of someone's contribution? Is it to persuade another or compare and contrast your perspective with that of someone else? The topic you select must appropriately fit the reason why the essay is about that specific topic.

Once you have figured out the purpose of the essay, you must then consider if the subjects that interest you will also fit the essay's purpose. The topic choices are only limited by your own thought processes. If you find this challenging, begin by looking around. Is there anything about your life or your personal interests which will meet the purpose and make for a good topic?

Identifying topics does not require final decision making, just the recognition of possible choices. If you find you are not happy with the topics you have identified, select one to work with. A topic that may not appear appealing at first might become a very viable subject for your essay after some time has passed.

As you near your topic selection, consider a few questions which may help refine your thinking and your final subject choice. Is the chosen topic something that has a personal importance or relevance in your life? Will the paragraphs within the essay support the topic? Can you fully meet the purpose of the essay, including elaborating on all relevant points within the given word limit of the assignment?

Another important matter for topic selection is to take note of the audience you are writing for. Your topic should not be offensive to those reading the essay. This is not to say you cannot write about something that is controversial. It just implies that you must properly acknowledge the topic's counter arguments with a journalistic flair, that is; present an opposing point of view without a condescending voice.

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