Four Ways to Present a Comparison Essay

Four Ways to Present a Comparison Essay
Looking for the best way to present your comparison essay? There's more than one way to skin that cat. Of course, it goes without saying, that you should employ your favorite English writing software to help you polish the work. When it comes to thawing out the meat, though, here are a few ideas:
1. Compare, then contrast

This format first discusses the similarities between two subjects, then proceeds to detail their differences. Instead of putting the focus on each individual topic, it brings the discussion over to their actual comparison and contrast, outlining the different characteristics that make them similar and distinct. It's highly advisable to begin with comparison first, so that the emphasis will be placed on the contrast, allowing the differences to be more memorable to the reader.

2. Describe one idea, then describe the other

Possibly the most natural way to structure a comparison essay, this is the format most people try when they first dip into it. In this style, you discuss the first subject in one section, then do the second in another, outlining the characteristics that make them similar and different, within each.

3. Take specific elements and discuss them one at a time

A more advanced form of comparison essays discusses properties of two subjects, individually, often as one paragraph each. Each tackles one particular element, along with how the two items stack up according to it.

4. Only compare or only contrast

When you want the essay to particularly slant towards either the two subjects' similarities or differences, then, this style of writing is the way to go. If you only want to compare two ideas, then, briefly contrast them in the introduction, before proceeding with the rest of the text. Similarly, do a quick comparison at the beginning, before proceeding to write an entire paper contrasting them.

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