An Essay is an Essay - An Opinion Essay

An Essay is an Essay - An Opinion Essay
What sort of essay should you be writing? Surely an essay is an essay, isn't it? Well, yes and no.

An essay is basically a collection of thoughts or observations in a structured format. This would usually include a beginning, a middle and an end (introduction, main body and conclusion). That is easy enough but the type of content is dependent upon the reason for doing an essay.
For example - an opinion essay. In this type of work, you are being asked to show that you have an opinion on a subject or topic. You are not necessarily being asked whether something is good or bad or if it is positive or negative. But you ARE being asked for an opinion.

So, in this type of essay you would want to put forward your arguments and back these up with facts and figures - and that means, you should do some research. You should be able to gather your data from various sources and put them down logically so that the reader can understand what you used to form your opinion and why they should take notice of what you say. These sources should be cited.

You must make it know (either explicitly or otherwise) that what you are writing is your opinion and yours alone. This can be made possible by simply stating the fact in the essay - use words like "I believe..." and you can then cite the references as evidence that your opinion is valid.

So, all essays are not the same! An opinion essay is specifically constructed to showcase how you have formed and arrived at your conclusion.

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