How to Write an Essay for College or University

How to Write an Essay for College or University
Compare and contrast books using your book as the main feature but point out the differences.

Such as read a book about a dog and compare and contrast the differences in dogs and cats between this book and another book that has cats in it.
Here are some points for the book report on dogs and cats:

You could point our that the similar qualities in these mammals are vast, however, the differences are just as enormous.

The similarities:

They both have fur.

They both were domesticated from wild animals and are now kept as pets.

They both shed.

They both bring love to humans.

Humans love to give both kinds of animals affection.

They both are used as therapy animals in nursing homes and hospitals to alleviate problems with health.

They both have a litter of more than one offspring at a time.

They both nurse their young.

They can be trained.

They both like to sleep with their owners.

Dogs live in a pack in the wild and cats live in a group as well called a pride.

Now what is different about them?

Dogs live in a pack in the wild and therefore need to be with the pack constantly. This is you.

Cats do live together although do not need to be with one another.

Dogs in the wild hunt in the pack. That is how they are able to take down their prey in numbers.

Cats usually hunt on their own.

Dogs want to work and have a job to do.

Cats want to sleep and be left alone.

Dogs want to sit on your lap and be petted for hours.

Many cats do not want to sit with you for very long and some do not like to be held at all.

Dogs are awake during the day.

Cats are up at night.

Dogs communicate with body language and their tails and barks.

Cats Meow but are not as aggressive with their body language.

Have fun with this. You could even make a board game cats vs dogs and have similarities and differences.

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