Tips On Essay Format

Tips On Essay Format
If you're just in the beginning stages of writing an essay, then by now, you've gotten all of your research together on your topic, have picked a position to argue and are ready to write, right? Not so fast! Have you considered your essay format? At first glance, this can seem like a silly question, as you know that essays primarily made up of a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and list of sources or bibliography. However, there are a few other things that you need to realize so that your essay doesn't lose marks for not being in the proper form.
One thing to realize is that all term papers, every single one, need some form of a title page. Ideally this title page will get straight to the point and offer up a compelling question, or your position on your topic. A good cover page will also have name, the name of the professor counselor, as well as the due date. It's very easy especially if you are in a rush, to forget this cover page along with the rest of the essay. It's a lot harder for instance to forget you or bibliography as that is generally written as the last section, but is one other thing that is important as well. Something else to consider is that you need to be very aware of your spacing as well as your use of paragraphs.

Generally, a paragraph is three lines and no more than five. This is to ensure that you are straight to the point and that the paragraph doesn't take a page. Something else to consider is that for readability sake your essay should be doublespaced or have their minimum one half space between lines. Not only does this make it more readable, it is easier for the person illustrating the paper to isolate and make comments as they see fit. Something else to consider with regard to essay format is that each paragraph needs to be independent and you will lose marks if they are not. This seems like a trivial matter however is really quite important not only for the overall look of the essay but also an indentation clearly delineates when a new thought and paragraph start.

One final tip when it comes to essay format is to make sure that you write in the local dialect. That means, you need to make sure that you use United States spelling if you're in the US or Canadian spelling if you're in Canada as this is something else that trips up a lot of people because depending on how their spellchecker is set it may not catch everything that it needs to find.

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