How to Create a Well Written Opinion Essay

How to Create a Well Written Opinion Essay
You can find a lot of writings in magazines and gazettes where the author expresses his opinion in a formal tone. That is what an opinion essay is all about. But it is not just all about the outlook and descriptions of the author based on his judgment. It must be supported by samples as well as reasons to make it more convincing.
Somehow, it is considered as a form of descriptive essay as well. If you were to write this kind of composition here are the things that you must always consider.

• When doing the introduction, you (the author) must clearly state his opinion about the topic and make sure that you mention what the topic is all about.

• The body of your opinion essay is where you would give all your points of views. However, it must be supported with paragraphs. And in case you have rants about the topic, this is also the part where you would include it.

• Never forget that you still have to put a conclusion. Simply summarize the main points and rephrase your opinion at the end.

It may sound easy but some people are having a hard time making this type of essay. It would help a lot if you enlist all of the things that you want to give emphasis and list down the reasons that would help you support your viewpoints. And as much as possible, you should try to start every paragraph using a topic sentence so that readers can easily identify what you are trying to point out.

Since the result would be based from your own judgment, do not forget to put expressions that would remind the readers that what they are reading is based from your opinion. Some of these expressions may include "I believe", "As far as I'm concerned", and many others

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