How to Write an Effective Opinion Essay Without Going Overboard

How to Write an Effective Opinion Essay Without Going Overboard
Opinion essays are fun to write, largely because they let you express your own ideas about the subject. Instead of having to stick to the rules of objectivity, largely parroting what the reference material provides, you can spew out your most personal feelings, tempered only by sound reasoning.
Unfortunately, many inexperienced writers tend to go overboard when writing opinion essays. Instead of creating a solid argument for a particular sentence, they argue it to death, to the point that it turns off the reader. If you want to be able to express your personal thoughts without going off into a senseless rage, make sure to temper it using the following guidelines:

Avoid being too personal. While it's advised to offer up certain personal information to give context to your opinion, getting too personal runs the risk of making your writing self-indulgent. An opinion essay is not a diary entry - the reader needs to identify with your piece to make it worth their while to read.

Use factual information to support your stance. As valid as your feelings about something might be, it means nothing if it isn't supported by facts. An opinion essay is not a rant - you'll need to supplement your ideas with real-world data.

Vary your information sources. Use different sources of information to make your case. It solidifies your position to draw from multiple ideas, demonstrating the range of your grasp on the material.

Stick to the subject at hand. When arguing for something, it's very tempting to go off into different related, though not exactly relevant, subjects. It dilutes your overall argument and can end up confusing your reader.

Use good grammar and sentence structures. The worst you can do is present an opinion piece fraught with writing flaws. Run it through a good writing software and avoid distracting your readers.

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