How I Would Start to Write an Opinion Essay?

How I Would Start to Write an Opinion Essay?
If I am going to be asked my opinion on something then I need to formulate my thoughts before I write. This is the basis of an opinion essay.
This sort of document is one where you are going to show how you feel about something - for example, abortion, the recession, sales targets, and then you are going to back this up with some data or hard facts.

Therefore, if I was going to write an essay on "sales targets" I would need to do some research. In doing so I would want to gather data on:

- the performance of the business over the last 5 years

- the profitability of the business

- the change in sales over a period

- some data relevant to my competitors

- some facts and figures about trends / fashions etc

Of course, there would be much more I might need to research, but this just gives an idea.

To construct my opinion essay, I would then wish to look at this data and decide what parts of it are relevant both to my essay and my readers. What facts and figures would be useful? Which of them would aid my arguments?

As long as I make it clear that this my own opinion, I can then formulate a strategy within the essay which shows my pathway of thought and concludes, using the data as a crutch, by stating the best way forward in the particular subject or why I hold certain beliefs or assertions.

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