Argumentative Essays - It's an Art

Argumentative Essays - It's an Art
Argumentative essays are not a typical kind of informative essays. The main of an argumentative essays is to argue about a specific subject/issue, mention advantages and disadvantages, support one argue over the other and prove using evidences that your point of view sounds better and more logical. Actually, this is not an easy task. To do this you are required to have a full knowledge about both of the two or more arguments that you are going to discuss, as poor knowledge about one argument will result in poor arguments about it; which will not be satisfying enough to the reader. The strength of your argumentative essay is derived from the strength of your information and knowledge.
The structure of an argumentative essay is the same as basic essay structure. You should have an introduction, giving a brief idea about your essay subject in an attractive way to gather your reader's attention, one of the very attractive ways is using questions, that would be challenging and risky, as if the readers can't answer these questions, so he surely will go through the rest of article, but in case he finds answers to these questions, his chance to read the article will be less likely to happy.

After the introduction, you have the essay body, where you state all of the two or more arguments in details with the evidences of each of them. Start with the other side argument, state their opinions and evidences, then start presenting yours and defeat their evidences one by one. Being fair as much as possible and using a logical sequence will give you credibility and get the readers on your side. Not making up evidences and citing your resources, will give you more credibility especially if the other side is not doing the same.

Emotional language is not suitable to be used here. It has a real big effect, but may be when you are talking to your wife not to your readers. In case it affects them, the effect will not be ever-lasting; it will be just a moment effect that vanishes after some time. In such arguments, you should totally convince your readers with your point of view, achieving this will make them as marketers to your idea wherever they go, they will spread your idea as it's their own, because at that moment, they believe that it's the better point of view.

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