How To Write An Essay

How To Write An Essay
Reading the essays or other literary works of prominent writers will often bring one to believe that writing seems to come so easily to them. The right words just jump out of their heads and onto the paper effortlessly as if by command. Such belief makes one regard writing as some innate gift given to a chosen few; that those who were not given the skill should not even attempt to compose the simplest essay if they don't want to face crushing disappointment. However, there are those, who, after successfully writing an essay, learned that writing like any skill can be acquired if one will only be persistent and patient.
Choose a Topic

Before starting, determine first the purpose of the essay; know why it should be written. Is it to persuade people to agree with a belief, to explain a morally ambiguous subject, or to educate people about certain people, events or philosophy.

Once the purpose is determined, the topic must then be decided on. Writing a list of interesting subjects can greatly help achieve this. The topic could be issues about the government, lives of interesting people, or mundane everyday tasks. Once the general idea is formed, the subject should then be narrowed down and should fit the chosen purpose.

Do Research

Doing research is more than just surfing the Internet. The one who will totally depend on the Internet for all his or her research will most likely produce a substandard work. Not every web page that pops on the computer screen is controlled; that's why it's foolish to put one's complete thrust in the Internet. Generally, the best way to find substantial information for nearly all essay topics is by reading books or periodicals. Asking the opinion of other people or doing surveys are also effective ways to gather important information for the essay.

The quality of the paper greatly depends on the sources that were used. Knowing how to differentiate important and trivial information is the key to a successful essay.


The outline is the body of the essay. Either in the form of a diagram or in point form, the outline evaluates the order of presentation of the main idea. This is basically where one prepares to explain, describe, or argue the chosen topic. The typical outline consists of the statement, the points of argument, sub-points of the topic, and the evidence of the argument.

Editing & Proofreading

Before submitting the finish product, it's always wise to go through the whole paper again. Check every word, sentence, and paragraph for wrong spellings and incorrect tense or structure. More than just giving the writer a chance to correct the general body of the essay, editing and proofreading will also give him a fresh look at the message of the essay. Every individual who has completed an essay will attest that behind every successful paper are long hours of meticulous and attentive editing. Editing and proofreading are the two elements that will transform a good essay to an exceptional piece of work.

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