How to Write an Academic Essay

How to Write an Academic Essay
An academic essay is different from other essays. It is not just a general observation of the reader that must be discussed in the essay. The academic essay has to make a point and prove its validity and existence. The thesis statement narrows down the topic and your stand on it. Remember that the reader is won over in the first paragraph of the essay and also considering that an academic essay is evaluated closely it becomes very important that the writer begin strongly.
Before proceeding to the main body of the text, make sure that you have a general idea of the common viewpoints on the topic. It will give you a clearer picture of the dos and the don'ts. Take your time collecting ideas and opinions. See conversational examples of the topic and make sure that notes on where the topic comes into play in a conversation. There are three main types of academic essay:

The Descriptive Academic essay: The name clearly suggests that it focuses strongly on an object, a presentation, character, event or place. Careful attention needs to be paid to references and citing sources of information is a must.
The Reflexive essay: The essay type emphasizes on the psychological implications on a theme of general interest. The general opinions and thoughts have to be carefully considered when writing an essay such as this. It reflects on the introspection of the writer. State examples if necessary to help present the idea from an observer's point of view.
The Argumentative essay: Examine the topic at hand carefully before writing an Argumentative academic essay as the essay discusses at length agreement or disagreement with a given topic or quotation. The writer needs enough information on the topic to sustain counter argumentative viewpoints.
The use of paragraphs needs special attention when writing an academic essay. Make one point per paragraph to ensure a smooth transition. Highlight the points of significance with words like crucial, outstanding, breakthrough, minor, trivial, significance to name a few. Use these words to add weight to the point. Make sure that there is a structured sequence in the ideas throughout.

The conclusion of an academic essay is also different in some ways. It represents the final idea on the topic and should cover all the aspects presented in the essay. Revise the essay before you write the conclusion. For an essay of high importance it is recommended that you revise more than once and give time for the conclusion. Edit and proofread your draft more than one time and check the diction thoroughly. Lastly ensure that the essay is free from any structural fallacies and grammar errors.

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