How to Write a Formal Essay?

How to Write a Formal Essay?
Formal essays conform to a particular style. Getting the structure right is important in writing these kinds of essays. There is a rigid structure that the author has to maintain while composing a formal essay. Care should be taken to see that in the bid to write formally, the essay itself does not become dull. Below are a few tips you can follow to write a formal essay.
Begin with the thesis statement which should mention what you are trying to prove and the main supporting arguments. Make sure it is not more than 3-4 sentences long.

o The next few paragraphs should explain in detail the main supporting arguments you have mentioned in the thesis statement. Quoting other authors and experts is good. Use these paragraphs to discuss counter-arguments too.

o Make sure that your essay does not consist of several paragraphs without any links to each other. Transition from one paragraph to another should be smooth.

o The conclusion should be a summary of the arguments you have made. It is a good idea to relate your conclusion to a wider context. This will let a reader know that your essay is relevant and contextual.

o The language of the essay should be proper English without the use of slang. It should have a formal tone instead of a conversational one. Using of phrases such as "you", "I" and "me" is not allowed.

o Making somebody else read your essay is a great idea to pinpoint weaknesses.

It is a good idea to spend some time with a pro before writing an important essay.

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