Law School Essay - This is Your Personal Statement

Law School Essay - This is Your Personal Statement
A law school essay is a personal statement about yourself. Of all the requirements and documents that will be submitted with your law school application, this is the one that you have the most control over.
This is where you can have a direct influence on what the admissions committee will think of you and why you should be chosen over all the other candidates. This is not a rewriting of your resume or a summary of your transcript; this is your opportunity to prove to them why you would be a great lawyer.

Present the facts about yourself and give overpowered reason on why you should be in their educational institution. Prove you can contribute to your class and those around you.

One of the best ways to get your point across is to know your target audience. This will be a group of people that are reviewing many applications every day. Explain in detail why you want to become a lawyer and your life experiences that can contribute to your success in this field of study.

You should also have some real life qualifications with law. This does not include being arrested, but possibly working with a free law clinic or assisting lawyers in some other way. Explain your experiences, but get to the point. Remember, these reviews do nothing but read applications all day. Do what you can to set yourself apart without boring them.

If you have a disability or of a persecuted minority, exploit it for all that it is worth. Separate yourself from the masses and stay focused so the essay will be a compelling read.

Your law school essay is your best chance to shine. Make the most of it.

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