Importance of Your Law School Essay

Importance of Your Law School Essay
If you are considering attending law school then your law school essay, along with of course your LSAT score and your undergraduate record, is going to go a long way in deciding which schools will consider accepting you and how much scholarship money they will be prepared to offer you.
Many schools assign different standards of important to the various requirements. Your LSAT score and GPA have a big impact, law school essays are definitely taken into account. What's more than that, your law school essay can really make or break your admission acceptance, and if it is strong on can't even overcome weaker academic achievements.

It is not unheard of that an outstanding law school essay will even get you into a school that you thought was pretty much out of your reach based on your academic scores. At the very least it get you an interview. To the contrary, if you're a strong applicant to a particular school a bad law school essay can knock you out of the running if you're too flippant or stuck-up. Many schools will assign a topic for your law school essay but not all. Most will offer up a few suggestions but allow you write on anything your heart desires.

Bear in mind that when writing your law school essay that you should always keep it as an original work stated in your own voice. The admissions staff can read and they know what your GPA is and what activities you've taken part in. Tell them what they can't see by reading an application. Write on something that both defines who you are and why you stand out from the crowd. Dare to be different. Avoid clichés and jumping on whatever the latest current events may be, unless of course you are specifically asked for your views.

Writing about the most inspirational person you know or what difficulties you've overcome are tired topics and won't get you much attention unless it's something truly fresh or earth-shattering. Unless the most interesting person you knew was Jeffrey Dahmer or some other fascinating, if not evil character, then stay away from these topics.

Remember that the admissions board goes through literally thousands of applications so do something that truly makes you stand out from the crowd, make them remember you. Have you hiked the entire Appalachian Trail? Gone skydiving in a kayak? Raised your baby brother for a summer? Helped a poor family get a house? The things you have accomplished don't necessarily have to be a law related (though it's certainly won't hurt), it just needs to show the kind of character and experience that are unique to you. You should also have something to say about the topic, whatever it may be. Say it, and think of the law school essay as a way for the admissions staff to get acquainted with a very special person, you.

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