How a Sample Personal Statement Essay Can Help You Land a Spot at a Prestigious School

How a Sample Personal Statement Essay Can Help You Land a Spot at a Prestigious School
Getting into a prestigious schools for college, graduate, medical, or law school is definitely a big plus for your resume. Many choose to apply for a spot at a prestigious schools because prestige has many benefits:
1. Good reputation means high quality of education

Prestigious schools are known for their reputation of providing a high quality of education, something that all student applicants want to have to gain advantage over others. It may be expensive to study at a prestigious school but it's all worth it if you get to be taught by the best professors and practitioners in their own fields.

2. Prestigious schools can help you establish networks with other successful individuals.

Graduating from a prestigious school is definitely an advantage, especially when you're job hunting. Knowing someone from the alumni of a renowned college or university means you can establish a network composed of well-known individuals who can help you with your career or business.

Now, how do you land a spot at your dream school known for its prestige? Aside from having excellent grades, exam scores, and recommendation letters from previous professors or mentors, you have to submit a winning admissions essay.

The admissions essay

Your admissions essay is where you can let the admissions panel see a more personal side of you. This is where you discuss your goals, motivations, and philosophy in life that made you decide to pursue further education at a specific school. To be able to come up with a winning essay, reading a well-written sample personal statement essay is a good idea. A well-written sample personal statement essay can help you figure out what to and what not to discuss in your own essay. Take note though that the sample personal statement essay should only be used as a guide. You shouldn't copy ideas from sample essays.

When writing an essay, think of a topic that can help you present your best foot forward. Some schools give questions to be answered by the applicants while some ask basic questions such as "Why do want to pursue further education?" It's up to the applicant to come up with a creative essay that will stand out and present the writer's strengths as a prospective student. If you can't think of a topic, surf the Net for sample essays. You may notice that many well-written sample essays discuss the writer's motivations, goals, philosophy, and personal experiences. Think of your own personal experiences and see which experience can best tell your story as a future lawyer, doctor, graduate student, or freshman at your dream school.

By reading several essays, you'll be able to pinpoint errors you should avoid when writing your own. These include grammar and typographical errors. You should also have to have a thesis and sentences and paragraphs that support each other, forming a cohesive output. Cliches should also be avoided, as these are overused and provide no personal touch to your essay. When looking for excellent sample essays to be used as guides, you can also ask samples from friends who have graduated or are currently studying at your dream school.

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