Elements of a Good Essay

Elements of a Good Essay
To be able to write a good essay that would earn you an A from your teacher or professor, you need to consider some considerations that would make your essay stand out from the rest of the write-ups on your teacher's desk.
The following are but some of them. You might want to check them out and apply them into your essay.

1.Inspiration. Your essay should be inspiring to your reader - your teacher. He should receive a message that your essay is worth reading because there is something to learn from it. Even if it is a plain informative essay, you still have to inject a touch of inspiration into it. Your essay should also teach or educate, in one way or another, even if it is a plain entertaining essay. It could also serve as an eye-opener.

2. Catchiness. You essay should be catchy. Once your teacher takes a glace at your introduction or even your title, he should be instantly drawn to your essay. It should be interesting enough to be able to urge your teacher in reading your piece from start to finish. You should not bore your teacher in any part of your essay. Each sentence should convey excitement.

3.Clarity. Your ideas and thoughts should be brought across with clarity and specificity. You will not be able to catch your teacher's attention if your message is not clear at all. Try to avoid abstract writing, this could be an ideal writing style but it may be ambiguous. Be concise. Do not confuse your readers. Do not let your readers puzzled. Do not leave them guessing which one is your message. Do not compromise style with clarity. Your writing style could be ideal but it should not be misleading or in any way confusing. Also, do not go round the bushes, convey your thoughts straight to the point. You may put a little tinge of suspense in your essay, but it should not be too long that it annoys your readers.

4. Proofreading, editing, and revision. Do not overlook these important elements. Proofread, edit, and revise after you write. Some writes only the first draft and then submit it at once to their teacher. You need to proofread; for sure you will spot some errors in spelling, punctuations, capitalization, or typographical errors, that you have not notices while in the process of writing your essay. You need to edit. You will surely spot some deeper errors like mistakes in grammar, sentence and paragraph composition, etc. Revision is likewise very important. Do this and submit your final draft and not your first draft.

5. Feedbacks from others. Let other people read and study your essay. You may want to show it to your friends and ask for their views and opinion. Feedbacks are a great tool in improving your essay. Other people might spot an error or a point where you can improve on. There are things other people see that you do not. So it is wise to seek the help of others. You will also learn from them. Take their opinions as constructive criticism.

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