Writing Impressive Essays That Your Peers Will Envy

Writing Impressive Essays That Your Peers Will Envy
When you are studying at college and university as a student you want to be the leader in your class and gain a great mark at the end of your course. One way you are allowed to do this is by writing and submitting essays to your lecturers. You will also need to (depending on your course) complete exams, but, if you are like me then chances are an exam isn't the best use of your talent. I can always write an impressive and substantiated argument for an essay, but it seems that when I can't just 'nip off for a brew' or go to the gym half way through my exam I become frustrated and bored. Hence I worked my hardest through writing impressive essays so that these could bolter my final grade, no matter what the topic area was on my course.
Below I have provided you with 5 easy steps that will help you write more impressive essays that you can submit with pride and know that they are going to be scored well.

Step 1 - Research, research, research

If you don't know what your subject is about, the paradigm that has been discussed in class, or what changes have evolved in a culture setting over the past few years, then you will be on the road to failure fast, when writing an essay. Essays and papers in academia are more focussed on what research you have dine and with good reason. Reading a couple of sources and then going about trying to argue a case for digital LCD's in today's market place would be pretty poor if you'd only research two sources that were written a few years ago and done no analysis of the current markets needs. Research needs to be up to date.

Step 2 - Analyze the arguments put forward

Sometimes, people tend to quickly read a section or chapter of an author's work and quickly spring into a thought process and start writing hundreds of words on an argument that they didn't fully read or understand and have thus wasted some pain staking time on writing for their essay. Look for arguments, strengths and weakness in a topic. It could be that previous research has been undertaken that was very weak and the outcomes were flawed. If another author has picked up on this, then you should center around its emphasis.

Step 3 - Brainstorm

In order to write effectively you will need to have the ideas of where you want to go and what different parts are associated with what areas. Making a mind map and brainstorming ideas will allow you to concentrate of a few different things in one area and not just write a little bit about everything. Doing this will enable you to work towards a set goal and establish a cohesive argument for the reader.

Step 4 - Write, write, write

Now it's time to start writing your essay and actually get something down on paper. You will be clear in your mind from the previous steps about what venue or angle you will be going down. When you are writing, the body of the text that you are putting down on paper should be a series of paragraphs that focus on one certain area or key point and link from one to the next. Different sections of your essay or report should also link to one another, and it should flow logically, extending your argument to whichever avenue you have chosen to go down. Your conclusion should rap up all the information the reader has seen and should evaluate where they could go to from here, a question, or a twist in logic thinking surmised by the paper.

Step 5 - Proofing and Style correction

All essays are to be written and cited following a set structure, which will be established by your college or university. There are a few different styles that are used in academia: APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. They all have different elements that need to be taken into account when checking over your paper and ensuring the correct style is used. Many times papers have been known to be rejected or failed because they have not referenced and styled their paper to submission guidelines - this can be really frustrating to you given that you have put so much effort into the perfect essay.

You should make sure that your spelling and grammar is correct too, and be positive that it follows from start to finish. You could also have a professional ensure that you have written the perfect piece and an impressive essay by having them proofread your paper.

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