How to Create an Argumentative Essay

How to Create an Argumentative Essay
Argumentative Essay is actually a piece of writing which presents information on a specific topic or issue. While reading, the reader comes across some arguments either supporting or opposing the issue that is being discussed. The main reason why these kinds of arguments are used is to persuade many people to accept a particular idea or concept. It is to make the individuals believe the accuracy of the discussion on a particular topic or issue.
However, there are factors that are essential to be kept in mind before choosing the topic or issue for classification essay.

o It should not be too general a topic or issue otherwise there will not be much to discuss.
o It should contain some questions and facts that can be considered for making arguments or discussions.
o It should have clear view points, opinions and also ideas that are expressed accurately.

It is advisable not to choose reflective essay that cannot be convinced during the arguments. Such topics are abortion, freedom of speech, capital punishment, euthanasia. It is very difficult making arguments on such topics as one can hardly convince and persuade readers. However, this topic is studied by so many students that one will certainly fail to impress others with the pros or cons of the particular issue.

However, argumentative type of essay consists of an introductory paragraph which states the thesis statement very clearly. Next the body actually presents the cons of the arguments and the refutation by the help of some facts, reasons and examples. At the end a conclusion is required where one can restate the opinion once again.

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