How to Evaluate Your Own Essays

How to Evaluate Your Own Essays
It is not necessary that you have finish writing an essay before the expected date of submission. What matters is that you know how to evaluate it further to correct any mistakes and to improve it more in order to be effective.
Think your essay's finished after a final draft and a bout with a powerful writing software? Good for you. If you'd like to get the best marks possible, you may want to try evaluating it, simulating what the teacher will do when they're grading it.

Give it time. Let a day or more pass between finishing the essay and doing this evaluation. This helps you go through it in a more objective manner.
Read it once from beginning to end, taking note of the main idea conveyed and your general impression.
Read the introduction once again, paying attention to these specific criteria: How clear have you made the topic? Did you include enough background information? Have you given reasons why the topic is worth delving into?
Read the body of the paper. Does each paragraph tackle one specific idea? Do you offer sufficient evidence for any assertion, adding proper reasoning and arguments for your case? Do you transition logically and smoothly between paragraphs?
Read the conclusion. Do you present your findings clearly? Do you hint at the reader about which area of the topic requires further investigation?
Write down all your suggestions for improvement, then evaluate whether it's worth it to modify the essay to implement potential changes you've decided on.

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