Writing a Narrative Essay - How to Write Personal Essays

Writing a Narrative Essay - How to Write Personal Essays
When writing a narrative essay for a college writing class, you will need to combine some of the most essential writing skills - creativity and organization. Because this writing assignment is so common in most college introductory writing classes, it is imperative that you master the personal narrative essay as soon as possible in your college career.
The most important ingredient in your narrative writing formula is storytelling. In order to impress your reader, you will need to be sure your story is interesting. Your writing professor may use a term like "significance" when talking about this writing expectation. Writing a good story requires creativity and careful thinking. Put some time into this part of your process for the best results. There are too many approaches to list here; the important

Use Simple Language

One of my biggest complaints about student essays is they are not easy to read. Some students work too hard to use a large vocabulary in their writing, while other students don't work hard enough to use the right words. There is a fine line between a good word and the best word choice. If you expect to convey a complex experience to your reader easily, you will need to use simple language, clear grammar, and an easy-to-understand style.

Show Meaning

The term "meaning" gets thrown around a lot in a college-level writing classroom. It is a difficult concept to explain and is often paired with equally confusing synonyms - words like significance, complication, and sophistication. The basic idea here is to write an essay that is important. That's it. If your instructor asks you to show meaning or to illustrate significance in your personal narrative essay, all he or she wants is a story that answers the "so what" question readers always look to resolve.

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