Something to Keep in Mind When You're Writing a Narrative Essay

Something to Keep in Mind When You're Writing a Narrative Essay
Is most of the essays that you write are mainly research in nature, then it may come as quite a shock when you're college or university professor tells you that your next writing assignment will be to write a narrative essay. Narrative essays are generally not something that are taught in high school where the prevailing type of essay there is more centered around research as opposed to anything personal. However, a narrative essay is good in several respects one of which being the fact that you have more leeway in the type of language you use and how you construct your essay. However, there are always things that you need to bear in mind even when you're writing something were you have some creative freedom.
Just like any other essay you may have done for another course, you need to be able to properly organize your thoughts and focus on what it is that you're writing. True, you will be doing as much research, however, you still need to be able to keep your thoughts and therefore your narrative essay organized. Indeed, this is even more important than it is with a, research oriented essay. It's far too easy when telling a personal story to simply get distracted and then go off in a completely different direction to the point where you get confused and have no idea what it is you were originally talking about. If this happens to you and you can't correct it, it will happen to your readers and is not something you want.

One other tip to keep in mind when writing a narrative essay is that you don't want to use language that is too technical or jargon filled just because you can. The idea here is to use a language that is appropriate to people who will be reading your essay. This is not the time to show off. Simple language is generally best because you want your audience to focus on the story and the point you're trying to get across and not have to try and read with a dictionary next to their chair.

Finally you want to make sure that the narrative essay you are writing is engaging. Never forget to try and tell a good story. True, your teacher is looking for you to relate your story to the topic at hand, however, he's also looking to see your style of writing and whether or not you can tell a good tale.

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