5 Paragraph Essay Format

5 Paragraph Essay Format
A paragraph is a section of writing in an article, essay or any kind of write up, containing one or more sentences that talk about a certain idea. A good paragraph is not clustered with many ideas. It is about one idea, and uses sentences of various kinds- simple, compound and complex sentences-to build and develop the idea.
A five paragraph essay is an essay with five paragraphs. No matter how long and how advanced the topic of discussion is the writer puts everything in just five paragraphs. A format of a five paragraph essay is such that the layout and presentation of the essay must be contained only in five paragraphs. Whatever ideas the writer has to offer, it must be structured, organized and arranged to fit into the format of a five paragraph essay.

First is the introduction which is paragraph one, closely followed by the next three paragraphs which contains all the ideas he has and then finally the last paragraph otherwise known as the conclusion of the whole essay. The introduction contains a thesis statement which explains in one sentence what the whole write up is all about and then an outline - which is not numbered - of the subsequent ideas to be discussed in the following paragraphs. The introduction of an essay is the most important part of the essay as it will only determine if the reader will continue with the whole write up depending on how the writer is able to capture the attention of the reader with his thesis statement.

The following paragraphs develop the ideas of the writer as outlined in the first paragraph. Here the writer picks an idea and develops it in one paragraph each. These paragraphs are called the main body of the essay and each of them contain topic sentences which states clearly the idea in the paragraph before its development.

The conclusion as the name implies is the total submission of what the writer has been discussing. Here he states the thesis statement all over again but in a paraphrased form. He emphasizes on the importance of the topic he has written about and leaves the reader with the feelings he wants the reader to have after reading the essay.

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