Proving Your Thesis in the 5 Paragraph Essay

Proving Your Thesis in the 5 Paragraph Essay
There are many ways to begin the introductory paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay, but there are no rigid rules to follow. You can introduce a leading anecdote, description, quote, or even statistics at the beginning sentence. At this point, you are laying the foundation of your entire discussion.
Present the supporting ideas before you introduce your thesis statement. This paves the way for the central thought. This must not stop you from placing the thesis statement anywhere else within the paragraph.

Try reading your introductory paragraph. If it sounds stiff or too disjointed, then you are doing it the wrong way. Remember, your professor is going to read your paper. He or she does not always expect to find the central idea at the last sentence of the paragraph, so be flexible.

The three paragraphs of the body

Of equal importance are the three paragraphs containing your supporting ideas. These three paragraphs should work together to support your main argument, so work out interesting transition sentences from one paragraph to the next.

The first sentence of the first body paragraph should relate to the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. This changeover is intentional. You have set up the initial supporting idea towards your piece d resistance.

In the middle of the second paragraph, bolster your supporting discussion by giving examples. These should be analyzed to draw their significance to your argument. When presenting your core idea, start from the simple to the complex thought. You can also do the reverse for a different style.

State your thoughts clearly and directly. Stick to your point to be convincing. This line of presentation will be helpful because the construction of the argument becomes logical and organized.

The closing sentence of the first body paragraph must connect to the first sentence of the second paragraph. The same practice is observed in the second and the last paragraphs. The tip here is to follow a logical and coherent sequence.

Break the monotony

Reading through any article can be a bore. Break the monotony. Use bullets to enumerate facts, italicize words for emphasis, and highlight or underline important words. Use graphs, statistics, or illustrations to back up your supporting ideas because these are also effective attention-grabbers.

Use effective hooks for the transition of thoughts from one paragraph to the next. Hooks play an important role too in the entire narrative. Without these, the reader will be confused.

The Conclusion

The last paragraph is your final attempt to convince your reader that your argument is relevant, credible, and factual. This paragraph is also flexible. It should also start with a statement that embraces all your previously stated ideas proven in the body. Repeat your key ideas to justify how well you have proven your thesis.

The last sentence of the 5 paragraph essay should be as strong as your first sentence in the introduction. Lead your readers to reflect and to act. Leave them with a lasting impression.

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