5 Paragraph Essay Template

5 Paragraph Essay Template
Five paragraph essay template simply means the outline and shape a five paragraph essay should take. The model of this kind of essay is very obvious as we will see in the following paragraphs. A five paragraph essay involves various steps that enable the writer who chooses this style organize his thoughts and present them in an acceptable manner to the reader.
The first thing is to select a good topic of discussion before any other point. The topic should be one the writer is quiet knowledgeable about and one he can coordinate, organize and manage in order to convey the intended message to the reader. Topics very, and can be selected from different areas and fields of study. Such fields are sports, development, human resources, politics, education and other related fields of learning. The most important issue is the writer does not narrow his essay down so much so that it lacks flesh, and he at the same time does not over trash an issue in such a way it lacks clarity.

The next stage in five paragraph essay template is putting together ideas and arranging them in the manner the essay is going to take. At this stage, outlines come in handy and are the best solution in idea management and organization. The writer could use a normal outline which involves the introductory paragraph, containing a thesis statement, three subsequent paragraphs otherwise known as the main body of the essay and the concluding paragraph commonly called the conclusion. The other option is to use the graphic organizer. This is a detailed illustration- with a chart- of what the writer has in mind.

Following closely is the writing stage. This is the time where all that the writer has outlined, has planned, has put together is put into writing. Five paragraph templates also involve grammatical scrutiny. The writer must check to correct all grammatical error.

He must be thorough and careful in the use of his tenses; he must check and correct wrong spellings. In addition to this, a five paragraph essay will not be complete and appropriate without the use of linking words. These words allow for easy transition from one paragraph to another.

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