6 Tips For Writing an Admission Essay

6 Tips For Writing an Admission Essay
There are various things that you can do to improve your chances of gaining admission to any college, graduate or business school. Within the admission process there are some specific elements that you have the ability to control and you should spend as much time on these as you need to ensure you give your best.
The selection panel place a heavy reliance on recommendations and on the admission essay. Before you submit the names of any references, you should speak with them to check that they will give you a positive recommendation.

The admission essay is different, as it is probably the only factor in the admission process that is completely within your control, so be careful and meticulous when you write this. It is now a mandatory part of the process for many institutions as it helps to provide a common set of standards against which they can judge applicants.

There is no set formula for writing an admission essay but these 6 tips will help you to improve your own essay.

1. The essay you write will reflect your personality and character. As the essay will focus on you it can be quite a difficult proposition so you should sit down and think it out carefully. A little introspection, a bit of analysis and a lot of observation is required before you start writing.

2. Your next step is to select a topic. Make a list of topics and before you make your final selection, ask yourself if the topic you have picked from your list fully represents your personality. Is it a unique topic and will it interest the reader enough? Is it repetitive or too negative? And finally, can you write a complete essay on this topic?

3. The structure of an admission essay is very important. The narrative of the essay should be in chronological order. Begin at the beginning and continue in the same vein until the end. Do not include too much or too little information and check that your essay is not monotonous. The narrative should reflect the amount of thought and effort you have put into it.

4. The narrative should show the clarity of the essay content. But it is your writing style that has an impact on the presentation. A strong confident style will keep the reader spellbound, while a weak or poor style will have exactly the opposite effect. Be simple and direct. Don't write in short chopped sentences or in long sentences using big complex words. The straightforward approach will always yield the best results.

5. The most important sections in all essays are the introduction and the conclusion. Both must be strong. The introduction should immediately reflect the true picture of the discussion in a subtle manner. The conclusion should be punchy and blend the ideas of the essay beautifully.

6. Whatever you write and in whichever style, if there are too many errors grammatical or otherwise, then it will put off the reader. Take the time to do a spell check and a grammar check thoroughly before submitting it.

The rules for writing an admission essay will vary among institutions so make sure you read them carefully before you begin your essay. Use these tips to improve your chances of getting admitted to the college, graduate or business school of your choice.

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