College Essays - A Man's Best Friend Could Be a Woman

College Essays - A Man's Best Friend Could Be a Woman
Sometimes people make things happen. At other times things just happen to them. Even as a young boy I was convinced that women were created to for the specific purpose of the continuation of the species. I believed that if a man wanted friendship he had to look for it in another man. But one girl I met in church shattered that myth. She showed me that a relationship between a boy and a girl could be absolutely platonic.

Her name was Christine. She was moderately good looking. We studied at the same school and lived not far from each other. As long as we were at school I never had the good fortune of a relationship with her. But now as members of the same social service unit I was lucky to be able to make up for lost ground.

We thought alike. We believed that the people who needed help benefited the most when that help went to them directly. Ours was not the only social service unit in the parish. There were a few others. But the others were all the same. They believed more in the bark than in the bite. Lip service was often confused for good works. But Christine and I wanted to make a difference. We wanted to touch the lives of the people whom fortune had forgotten.

You may hate to admit it; but it is money that makes the world go around. So we decided that if we wanted to do anything concrete we needed money. We also decided that we were not going to go around asking for charity. All the members of our unit got together and brainstormed. We came up with innovative ways to give the people in our parish weekend entertainment for a fee.

People gave willingly; after all they got something in return. We screened ancient movies. All movies houses vied for the latest films. But we decided that there will be people with enough nostalgia as to want to see a movie they had seen centuries ago. And we were right. The old folks just rolled in. And the young people also came to see what their parents continuously raved about. Some weekends we had music concerts to break the monotony.

The bottom-line: we made a pile in a very short time. The task now ahead was to think of ways to really make a difference. We did not want to call all these poor people give them a hearty meal which they would forget come next mealtime. But there was a danger in distributing money collected in the name of charity: Wagging tongues. Christine was not one to be worried by rumor-mongers. And she convinced us that we should not bother about what a few people would say behind our backs.

We made an announcement in the church that we were planning on sponsoring a few children through school and that we were also giving out school uniforms. There were numerous applicants. Where we sponsored children, we paid the tuition fees directly to the schools. And where we were to give out uniforms, we bought the cloth and gave it to the tailors. Children simply had to go to the tailor to give their measurements.

All this meant a lot of work. Christine was indefatigable. She set an example that others willingly followed. I contributed with both ideas and long hours, and so too all the other members of our unit. In addition to all this we had to contend with school work. There too we all did reasonably well.

All this meant that Christine and I were in each others company a lot. But that only meant greater appreciation and respect for each other. It is so many years since I have seen this girl. But I will always remember her as the one girl that drastically changed my perception of women. Look a little closer and perhaps you will find that your best friend is indeed a woman.

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