The Top Ten Tips to Writing a Successful College Admission Essay

The Top Ten Tips to Writing a Successful College Admission Essay
Are there specific tips to writing a successful college admission essay? Definitely.

Regardless of the school to which you are applying, admissions officers generally look for certain things in the essay. Since the objective of the essay is to introduce the student to the admissions officer, these essential elements should be studied before you write a single word.
Be Positive

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Your essay needs to show yourself in a positive light. Avoid negatives and don't offer apologies for any area of your academic performance. This is counterproductive and results in an essay with a whining tone.

Before writing the essay, list the characteristics you want to highlight and use positive words and images to showcase them.

· Tell A Story

Stories have been timeless ways to impart history, values and ideals. In your essay, tell a story which captures the personality traits you seek to show. Use a narrative that strategically depicts the important elements of a particular event. Make your storyteller's voice capture the excitement, humor, or incredulity you seek to convey.

· Keep It Simple

Your essay should be clear, easy to read, and filled with only relevant material. This demonstrates your ability to determine pertinent points and communicate them concisely.

· Write How You Speak

Use expressions and terminology from your real life. Don't use language that sounds contrived or written from a thesaurus.

· Introduce Yourself

Know thy audience is the first principle a writer learns to respect. The application essay is your introduction to the admissions officer. Therefore, it must convey a sense of your personality.

· Use A Quote If You Can

The quotation doesn't have to be from a famous person; include a quote from family or friends if their words are significant to you. Starting the essay with a quotation is commonly done, therefore you may want to put the quote in the body or at the end of the essay. And do not interpret the quote; rather, show the admissions officer why it is important to you.

· Avoid Certain Topics

A good rule is to ask yourself: Would l be comfortable discussing this topic in a room full of strangers? If the answer is no, choose another topic.

· Travelling Stories Have to Go

Writing about a vacation experience is a common theme in application essays but this is only effective if you discover something unique or important about yourself. Avoid the travelogue approach which could come across as bragging.

· Don't Regurgitate the Resume

Since your 'brag sheet' or resume will be included with the application, there is no need to simply repeat what is written there. For the essay, choose a distinctive topic that sets you apart from the crowd.

· Find an Editor

Every writer needs an editor. Not only for to check for proper punctuation and spelling but to critique the content of the essay. While you may feel that a family member or teacher is capable of this, you need to find someone who is experienced with the college application essay.

However, do not pay a large fee for this type of service. There are many editors with expertise and affordable prices that could assist you.

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