Are Example Essays a Good Thing?

Are Example Essays a Good Thing?
If you write a lot of essays, either in high school or university, then you know that there's always the temptation to try and find some way of shortening the length of time from beginning the assignment to the finished paper. This is something that is understandable especially given the fact that there seems to be more and more work being meted out and less and less time in which to do it. Of course, you want to make sure that the final paper you hand in and is yours, with your own thoughts and of course in your own voice. The question then arises whether or not example essays are good thing to have around. In fact, you may wonder if you should start looking for them at all.
Consider for a moment that some people think that example essays will give them an edge in not only saving time getting their particular assignment done but also in helping them become better writers. While this is true there's always the problem of someone taking essays like this and just re-editing them and passing them off as their own work. However, there are times when example essays are a good thing to use.

If you've got an assigned topic that you have no idea about at all, then finding example essays on your current topic can actually jump start your creative process. Often times these types of essays can be used to help you get thinking about a particular topic and thereby also enable you to come up with your own theories and then find the research to those theories.

Something else to consider is that these essays are also good for helping you maintain the structure and composition of your homework. This is especially true if the essay in question is something that you cannot previously had to write about. It can be a very technical subject for instance. In a case like this example essays are godsend because they show you what you can include what to avoid. So, they are good thing provided you use them only for inspiration and to keep yourself on track.

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