The Two Most Common Essay Types For Science Students

The Two Most Common Essay Types For Science Students
Science students don't need to learn writing. Sure, keep kidding yourself. Truth is, everyone needs to develop writing skills, lest you're fine with having a hard time being taken seriously.

For students in science majors, two types of papers usually come up: review papers and lab reports. Knowing how to write both well can mean the difference between getting high marks or barely scraping by.
Review papers, as the name implies, are geared towards examining and assessing current research on particular topics. In science courses, the point is not to demonstrate original thinking; rather, it's a demonstration of your ability to comprehend existing research and present them. When you write review papers, look towards explaining the significance of a specific effort, presenting them in logical fashion and summarizing their key findings.

Lab reports, on the other hand, are all about your actual work. It's not necessarily about original experiments or research, but a documentation of scientific principles you're putting to the test where it counts - in the laboratory. The structure is similar to review papers with one addition: you present your own findings.

Both types of materials are part and parcel of every science student's life. If you want to do well in them, it's best to work on developing your writing skills, such that you can produce clear, succinct, straightforward text that successfully conveys everything you need to communicate. Do take note also if there are any writing mistakes that you had committed like your grammars, spellings, capitalization and punctuations. We'd also recommend using a general-purpose writing and editing software.

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