What is an Essay Structure?

What is an Essay Structure?
The ability to write a good essay is an important skill necessary in school and college years. Knowing how to structure an essay will make you score additional points with the professor who has been teaching you the discipline. The purpose of essay writing is to put in words the student's own thoughts about a particular issue. It is the subjective view an individual may have on a historical, philosophical, literary, biographical or critical nature.
Following is a basic essay structure:

* Thesis: This is a clear statement as to what has to be proven. It is the essence of the problem at hand. This forms the introduction of the essay and should be short.

* Argument: This is the paragraph where a student will have to prove the thesis. He may use self-analysis to study the issue at hand. He will also have to use analytical tools, concepts and known surmises to prove the point.

* Conclusion: The last paragraph should surmise the author's view of the subject. It should be presented in a way so that it appears as a logical conclusion. It should prove the thesis.

Writing an essay is not so easy and it is important that the student gets the structure right before starting to write. A clear understanding of the subject at hand and a self-analytic perspective are important pre-requisites. There are quite a few websites on the internet that will help students learn about proper essay structure to suit school and college requirements.

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