Should You Use an Essay Example?

Should You Use an Essay Example?
If you've got yet another essay that you need to write, you know that the Main struggle when writing an essay is not necessarily the research, but it is putting it together. Writing the actual essay. Of course, you need to make sure that basic things such as punctuation, grammar and spelling are top notch. But you also need to make sure that the structure of your essay is sound and that you are citing your resources in a way that is both effective and that is the right way depending on your particular department. That said, with the proliferation of the Internet, there is always the temptation to use an essay example. But should you?
Consider for a moment that no matter how good you are at writing, there's going to be times when you suffer from writer's block or the research just doesn't seem to go as quickly as you'd like or you seem to have troubles getting the structure of the essay just so and is especially true if you're writing a persuasive essay. However, one option is to find an essay example that is on your specific topic. Of course the temptation would be to use snippets from this example in your own work however, should you do this you may be opening yourself up to charges of plagiarism, which doesn't look good on academic transcript

Of course, you can use the essay example to see how they went about structuring their arguments as well is the Main points of the essay. In short, you can see exactly how they use main headings when and where they used subheadings, and whether or not they used things like numbers or bullet points to bring importance to specific issues. You can also use this to see how they structure their final bibliography. Having a sample such as this is always a good idea.

So, if you use an essay example strictly for its structure and to make sure that you stay focused, then you'll be fine. Just make sure you don't give into the temptation to copy.

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