College Essay Questions - How To Make Them

College Essay Questions - How To Make Them
The most difficult part in answering a question for college composition is when it is indirect. Here are some available types of essay questions and explanations to what they are:

Compare and contrast questions. These types of questions will normally not carry a question mark. The question demands your ability to show the similarities a thing can have with another and bring out where they are different.
Argumentative essay questions

These questions require your critical ability to raise an argument and provide convincing evidence to support your arguments. In such a work, you will be required to take a stand or to propose a solution. The stand you take should consider the feelings of your reader and always give room to a call for action.

Persuasive essay questions

This type of question wants you to set out a coherent argument to convince the reader and persuade him or her to follow a particular line of reasoning. To persuade your reader, you need ample examples and evidence. Your evidence must relate to your arguments, must be up to date, reliable, to the point and accurate.

Evaluation essay question

This requires you to calculate approximately and give a genuine assessment of somebody or something. Your personal sense of observation and criticizing will therefore be needed. It may also require you to take an analytical study of the thing in question. Book review writing or opinion writing are all examples to this type of question.

Casual essay questions

These types of questions require you to give a detailed reason for the occurrence of something. Your paper has to dwell on what happened, why it happened, the course of events and maybe the implications of the event. Remember that when writing on causes, course and effects; you must follow a chronological order of their happenings. Explanatory and expository questions also fall under this category.

Classification essay questions

The main requirement of such questions is the ability to analyze things, categorize them. The thing to be classified may be concrete or definite or an abstract of knowledge or art. To classify is to make sense of a complicated and potentially bewildering array of things by sorting them into categories in which you can deal with them one at a time. You may decide to divide them into components which can then be placed into categories. Break down from large components to the smallest as possible. For example classifying animals in a park may start from animals to birds. It can then lead to carnivores and herbivores and possible from mammals to reptiles.

Research paper questions

These require you to present a detailed investigation about a particular issue and submit your own contributions towards education. They require a voluminous research and are mostly done as end of course papers.

College application and personal statement questions

These questions require you to write something convincing about yourself. They are very important to students seeking admission into college.

Controversial essay questions

These are questions on notorious and contentious issues. They are a mixture of argumentative, persuasive, evaluation and other essay questions. They revolve on issues such as homosexuality and the church or legalization of abortion.

College essay questions as earlier said will need some thinking to decipher. Some will be direct and some will be implied. While others are unique, some will be a component on all types of questions.

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